Mind, Body, Nutrition

Hi, I’m Stephanie Unthank.  Thanks for visiting my website, I hope you can take the time to read a little about me and my vision for a more mindfully compassionate, active and healthier society

A bit about me…………. I’m 42 years old and originally from South East London until our family moved to Ashford, Kent where I grew up from the age of 7.  In adult life I spent 17 years working my way up the corporate banking ladder until in October of 2016, I decided to take the plunge, start my own business and work towards my personal life goals.  Simply put, to have a positive impact on the minds, activity and fitness levels of all types of people everywhere, helping others to build a greater knowledge around the foods we eat and the relationships we have with our own bodies and overall wellbeing.

So why……… Since the age of 16 (or maybe even before; I blocked it out) I have been on a so-called ‘diet.’  It’s been a rollercoaster.  I’ve tried every diet, you name it I’ve been there….. weight loss clubs; non carbs; grapefruit; cabbage; cereal; 5 on 2 off….. the list could go on and on.  I imagine that many readers will resonate with this unsustainable way of living.

If you then add to the ‘up and down’ eating habits and the weight ‘on and off’ moments I’ve had, to the long list of fitness fads, I would say you have got yourself a book or two!  Stephanie autobiographies: fat; thin; active; lazy; volumes one to four, it goes without saying, that I too have also had a gym membership or five.  I’ve done my share of ‘this class’ and ‘that class’ across towns and counties but did it make any difference to me?  Maybe in the short term…. but not in the most effective, efficient and sustainable way.  None of the things I tried had a long-term impact on my levels of fitness and activity, the food I ate, or my overall state of mind and relationship with my own body.

In early 2016 I found ‘mindfulness’ and It is here that my life long story changes.

Total Fitness by Stephanie and the overall approach of holistic fitness, mind, body and nutrition comes from a deep-rooted place within me.  It comes from my own personal experiences as well as a very clear understanding of what stops people from being the best version of themselves.

Why is the Total Fitness approach for successful?

It’s because my approach has two threads and leverages from experiences as well as an exceptional reputation.  Here’s the quirky bit……. it’s a little different.

For a person to be at their best, they should aim to be in the right frame of mind.  The mind is a wondrous thing and with the right level of support it can be re-tuned and wired in a way where, as people we are able to achieve things we never thought we would.

Exercise and activity should not be a chore, it should feel like fun, it should ignite us in a way that leaves us wanting more.  Our body gets us through many years of life and assists us to experience such wonderful things.  Being at our own personal best doesn’t mean aiming to be a model on a glossy magazine cover, it means what it means.  Personal to you, what you care about, what you think is the best version of yourself.  Not, what anyone else or society think.


When we build a great relationship with the food we eat and the liquids we consume we also build a better understanding of moderation Vs indulgence.  Having a well-informed approach to our overall nutrition and food habits is where the magic happens!  As the saying goes, none of us can out-train a bad diet but we can educate ourselves on great cooking and food preparation, understand the foods that make us feel great Vs the ones that really don’t and why and know what to do to repair our bodies and be kind to ourselves when we have a weekend of splurging.  This isn’t about giving up the wine or chocolate at the weekend but it is about knowing how to recover afterwards.

Finally, I’m not just a personal trainer.  I come from a well-developed and extremely successful business background where my reputation for being an individual that knows how to lead, inspire, motivate and drive people to reach their life goals and ambitions, has become my unique selling point.  Over the past 10 or more years, I have coached and mentored people to achieve things they would never have thought possible.

Imagine this…..

Roll together a person that has all of these great leadership and mentoring skills with an ability to help support people to achieve their goals and believe in themselves, with someone that can help all types of people everywhere find ways of managing their lifestyle, live healthily, mindfully and compassionately…………….that’s me.  Total Fitness by Stephanie. Mind, Body, Nutrition.

If my vision and passion hit the spot for you, give me a call.  Let’s talk.

Now take a look at the services I provide in the following pages.

Stephanie x