BOX HIIT! is a unique fitness class that takes place in Ashford Kent on Tuesdays and Thursday evenings.  Take a look at the class times and availability now and come along and try it.  Click here to book now

What is BOX HIIT all about?  In this class you will experience a short interval training session which is designed to suit all abilities and age groups.  We then move into the main core of the class which focuses on boxing with gloves and pads and we work in pairs.

Interval training helps you to raise your heart rate, burn calories and take your body into ‘fat burning zone.’  Boxing focuses on core stability, abdominal muscles, balance, and strength.  You will tone your whole upper body at BOX HIIT and it is especially a great class for anyone suffering with knee, ankle or hip injuries as it is not weight bearing.

At BOX HIIT you will be provided with real gloves and real pads and the up most pride is taken in looking after the kit so that you get a great, hygienic experience every time.

BOX HIIT is £5 for each class no matter of location or time and lasts between 50 minutes and 1 hour.