This BUNDLE will get your new year ‘get slim’ regime off to a fast start.  Come and talk to me, and together we will plan your future weight loss success story.


Nutrition & weight loss plans are available at £75 for a one off fee which includes:

  • Initial consultation – normally £35
  • Full nutrition fact sheet & your guide to healthy eating and weight loss – normally £50
  • Check in’s with me at the Sandyhurst Lane ‘Home Gym’ at week 4, 8 and 12 to make sure your healthy living regime is working for you and is on track.  Normally £20 per session (total £60).
  • Overall cost for comparison normally £145 – you save £70 if your consultation takes place before the 1st February 2018.


I have had some amazing successes with clients who work with me for a period of 12 weeks so on this basis i would recommend that your approach to BUNDLE ONE – THE NUTRITION &  WEIGHT LOSS PLAN, is that you sign up to this for the 12 week timeline and that you actively take part in the check ins with me at weeks 4, 8 and 12.  This will give you maximum return for your investment of £75 and the best chances of success.

Call me now on 07712420441 to book your consultation or e mail me at