Come and talk to me about nutrition, weight, eating regimes and your foodie habits.  Together we will plan your future weight loss and healthy life style success story.


Nutrition & weight loss plans are available on request and vary.

My nutrition plans are based on you, your needs, your goals and are personally tailored for you.  This doesn’t mean they need to be costly but it does mean that your chances of success are far stronger when you have the one to one support you need to change your relationship with the food you eat for the long term.

£ for £, nutrition and weight loss plans are cheaper than attending any weight loss group.  My plans are sustainable and will really help you to live a healthier life style now and for the rest of your life.

As a guide my charges are listed here, however if you look to work with me on your nutrition or weight loss goals i will tailor a package for you which will save you money overall.

  • Initial consultation – normally £35
  • Full nutrition fact sheet & your guide to healthy eating and weight loss – normally £50
  • Check in’s with me at the Sandyhurst Lane ‘Home Gym’ at week 4, 8 and 12 (see notes below) to make sure your healthy living & eating regime is working for you and is on track.  Normally £20 per session (total £60).


I have had some amazing successes with clients who work with me for a period of 12 weeks so on this basis i would recommend that your approach to BUNDLE ONE – THE NUTRITION &  WEIGHT LOSS PLAN, is that you sign up to this for the 12 week timeline and that you actively take part in the check ins with me at weeks 4, 8 and 12.  Call me now on 07712420441 to book your consultation or e mail me at